Patriot Ndash Tuner

Patriot Ndash Tuner

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Patriot nDash is here and dominating the market for more reasons than power output. The easiest user interface to ever hit the market, the nDash does not disappoint. Refined transmission tuning, custom engine tuning, parameter monitoring, check and clear engine diagnostic codes, this device has it all. Patriot’s years of industry leading tuning development is nothing short of noticeable in all tune settings. From quick response engine files to enhanced trans shifting strategies, your 6.7 Powerstroke will be a whole new animal with the all new nDash

Custom tune files for dual fuelers, modified turbos, built transmissions, and all other aftermarket components are available from Patriot


This product requires aftermarket exhaust.


Tune Power Levels over stock for 2011-2014:

40 HP Race


80 HP Race


120 HP Race


120 HP Race Enhanced


165 HP Race


165 HP Race Enhanced


200 HP Race


200 HP Race Enhanced


Tune Power Levels for 2015-2017:


450 Total RWHP


500 Total RWHP


500 Total RWHP Enhanced


550 Total RWHP


550 Total RWHP Enhanced


600 Total RWHP


600 Total RWHP Enhanced

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