Absolute Performance 2015 - 2016 EGR Delete Kit

Absolute Performance 2015 - 2016 EGR Delete Kit

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AP 2015-2016 6.7 EGR Delete Kit


This kit incoperates our two-piece billet water jacketed manifold plate along with our pyometer probe ready exhaust plate, secondary and primary coolant line kits and lower intake manifold cover plate. Essentially giving you the best items available to bypass the exhaust gas cooler equipped on your 6.7

Outside of eliminating the factory equipped coolers and cleaning up the engine bay, this kit has  shown some promising results in intake air temp drops, as well as drops in the primary and secondary coolant system temps. This is possible due to the custom machine work done on the two-piece billet cooler plate. These plates feature a  machined internal water jacket, allowing coolant to be re-routed from one galley to the next of the primary engine coolant system. In doing so, we have seen on average a 4-5* drop in engine coolant temp over the standard steel block-off plates common to the market. The secondary coolant system radiator also beenfits from the included secondary line kit setup. Again, eliminating the inevitable oppurtunity of failure so commonly seen in these areas. Not only does this kit allow all the primary and secondary coolant systems to function and circulate coolant as Ford engineers designed, but it offers the benefit of relaibility and peace of mind for you and your truck.

 All kits come setup in 1/8" NPT and Stock pyro probe thread sizes


Kit contents:

  • AP- Billet two-piece coolant plate

  • AP- 1/8" pyrometer ready EGT probe plate

  • AP- lower intake manifold cover plate

  • AP- Secondary coolant line kit
  • AP- Stock pyro probe bushing
  • AP- Primary coolant line kit
  • All necessary hardware for install


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